The flagship product of Namcave Technologies CC, Namcave is Africa's largest online marketplace.

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To serve as a platform that will facilitate effective online trade in Namibia, catering to the needs of business owners as well as consumers through the provision of a platform that enables the safe sale and purchase of goods through a cyber-safe online marketplace.

Our mission is to facilitate the effective trade of locally-produced products in Namibia to assist small businesses in growing into large establishments that can create employment and contribute positively to the national growth and progress of our country.

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The Namcave Model


Selling on Namcave exposes your product to a wider customer base. Since your advertising is no longer only limited to your circle of friends, your products can now be discovered by every person who logs onto our site.


We do not store any of our users sensitive data on our site. User data, including login information, is outsourced to secure, dedicated database solutions. This ensures that the system can not be compromised.


Namcave dot com is a product of Namcave Technologies CC. This is a registered closed corporation, answerable to the financial laws of the country. The seal of trust conferred upon us, by virtue of being registered, is transferred to each seller who lists their products on our site.


Namcave only makes money through the commissions it charges. This means it is in our best interests to ensure that your product sells, and that it sells well. We only generate profit and grow when we make you generate profit and grow, therefore you can trust that we are the best people to entrust with your business.

Ease of Payment

Namcave accepts bank and credit/debit card payments, making the retail process smooth and easy. Once a product has been delivered, withdrawals can be placed in and processed within a day!


Sellers only get their money after the delivery of the product has been confirmed. If the product is not delivered within the time stipulated by the seller, the buyer gets a full refund on his/her purchase!