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Namcave Loyalty Program
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What is Namcave about?

A new way to buy and sell

Namcave offers buyers and sellers a new and improved way of carrying out trade. Buyers purchase items using their bank or credit cards. Once sellers deliver the item that was bought, the money is transferred to the seller, who can then proceed to withdraw their income. This is the most convenient and efficient model of ecommerce currently in Namibia.

Amazing local brands

Amazing up-and-coming Namibian brands like WeMove, iCell and Happiness / Everything sell on Namcave. By buying from our site, you support locally produced brands and help to grow Namibian industry.


Namcave employs the most recent and up to date authentication technologies. Security is the one aspect on which we do not compromise. Our site offers a cyber-safe, encrypted platform for Namibians to participate in online retail.

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